.... and kissed the receptionist at my insurance company.

no kidding.

i had had 20 minutes to kill in between appointments and thought i'd run to the other side of town to change my last name on my insurance policy. {yes, it's taken awhile. it's been hard for me to do. but lately i've had a little extra motivation - hopefully i'll be able to blog about it soon - to get all the everything i have changed back to my real name.}

but the receptionist.

i told her what i needed.

she said ok.

she pulled up my information. typed a little and then looked over at me and asked, "marriage or reclaiming a maiden name?" and the corners around her eyes got a little soft and a little understanding.

and that is the kindest way i have heard it put yet.


it's really ONLY Wednesday?

can I trade in this week for a newer version?

this week i have:

been fighting the flu ... taken a second job ... been battling the hospital to schedule a CPR class ... flown {figuratively} to a rural community {twice} for emergency meetings {and one time flew back over wheat fields to be sure to be in time for a CPR class -- that didn't happen} ... had a somewhat frustrating meeting with my pastors {my fault, not theirs} ... been trying to find a puppeteer for kids church this Sunday and coming up short due to Men's Camp also happening this weekend ... cried in court because the foster family adopting the developmentally delayed girl is just entirely too loving for words ... patiently listened to former husband explain to me exactly when and how he wanted his monthly check ... watched my house get messier and messier ... ruined a blackberry cobbler :( ... and have had an overabundance of absolute lying on the part of my clients - the adult ones.

big fat sigh and insert small temper tantrum here.

but i don't want to leave you on a sour note.

this week, i have also:

... had a productive chiropracter's appointment {chronic, not so cheery pain in my upper back made worse by, yup, you guessed it, stress} ... gotten most of my laundry done ... had one or two very relaxing moments in the backyard with a cup of tea ... seen one of my adult clients follow through with disciplining her 6 year old {trust me, this is a big victory} ... and drawn silly pictures with a 5 year old client of his family {one eyeball bigger than the other, swirly necks, feathers instead of hair}.


it can still get better from here, right?