The town shuts down.   Shoes and I tried to have dinner out last night; we hit five restaurants in a row that were all closed.

There's nobody at the grocery store.
Or Starbucks.
Or the gas station.

This is what it's like when a town of 10,000 all year residents says goodbye to 20,000 students for the winter break.

But it's not all bad.  Shoes and I move easily from family member to family mber's house for the holiday.  I have hardly any appointments on my schedule for next week.  I have the chance to have s leisurely conversation with Jen at the yarn store about why my cowl is bunching up.

We're settling in, which is odd.  But welcome, too.  It's time.
And I think my body is tired of my sometimes-yoga-sometimes-not shenanigans.  

It was a tough practice this morning.  Slippery balance, diminished strength, and a Retriever who head butted me in triangle because she needs all the love.

How do I commit more to this?  Where are the free minutes?  Do I need to be waking up earlier?  Doing it at lunch?

My work has a wellness benefit that basically paid for a couple months at the yoga studio, which helps as we need to buy a new furnace and as we move towards adoption (lots to update on this blog.)

I just miss the quiet of the practice and the internal focus, you know?  Not quite sure how to get where I'd like to be.

... With the tree.  Until she decided to eat it in front of me.
And, it's plastic.
Geez dog.
... Of delightful kid clients scheduled, and while I love their play and imaginations and journeying with them to healing, I also just keep thinking about how fantastic it would be to be at home, addressing Christmas cards, or packing for our yearly vineyard town getaway, or knitting ...