Welcome, 2009. You've been a long time coming, and yes, I've been waiting for you.

2008, I'm a little sorry to see you go. You replaced your terrorist predecessor, 2007, and for that I'm forever grateful. You saw me get up off the bathroom floor (where I had spent so much of the last of 2007). You afforded me with the opportunity to let go of the things I couldn't control.

You helped me say goodbye to some hurtful, destructive people in my life ... more than one. You gave me a little, brightly packaged gift and handed it to me shyly. Imagine my surprise when I opened it cautiously and then giggled when I saw that you had given me that ever so hard to find perspective.

I loved your May, felt passionate about your July, grieved again in September, let myself experience all new things in November ... and cautiously courted your December, knowing our friendship was fast coming to a close.

You're gone, now, existing only in experience and shared memory. I miss you already.

2009, I admit, I'm a little afraid of you. You're such an undefined presence in my life, and no matter what, you're going to happen. You'll be bringing a lot of change. I hope you bring it kindly. I'll be giving you all that I have, understanding fully, thanks to 2008, that I have nothing to hold back.

{Please be gracious. Oh, please, be gracious ....}