... I'm admitting this out loud, but ...

I'm blogging right now to try to get away from the accusatory voices of the presidential debate on t.v. I know, I know. I should be more involved. I should care. I will vote (thanks, ladies of the early 20th century, who helped the rest of us ladies have the opportunity to vote).

But after days of angry parents and angry social workers, I just don't like the intensity. I'll read it in the paper tomorrow.

The highlight of my social work this week was playing with a precious, blond two year old girl, who held my hands, jumped up and down on her "big girl" bed and wanted to sing "Row, row, row, your boat."

This meant that Lisa sings the song, and Little Girl sings, "row, row, row, row, row, row, row." Foster Adopt Mom, who didn't mind a smidge that Little Girl was using her bed as a trampoline, smiled gently. On a whim I asked Little Girl where her mom was and her eyes got huge, her smile bright and she squealed and pointed to Foster Adopt Mom.

Thanks, Foster Adopt Mom. You've done a good job and I've got a beautifully adjusted and attached girly-kins on my caseload. I don't worry about this Little One when I go home at night. ;)
... about being cheeky when you're elderly.

I had just brought Mrs. A. her dessert to finish off her meal. As I was wiping off a nearby table, I asked her if she had had a good day today. She assured me that, yes, she had. It had been so very relaxing and she had spent most of the day reading.

I asked her what she had been reading and she mentioned something about a guarded tower and a queen.

"How exciting," I said.

"Oh, yes. It is. In fact, when I came down for dinner, they were just about ready to ..."

and she drops her voice to a whisper and leans over her strawberries

"... copulate."

Serving dinner always brings the unexpected. Always. ;)

In other non related news, the boy and I have decided that while we are very fond of each other, it is not going to work. A successful courtship - we know that we are not meant for each other. Of course this would happen right as I decide to write about it, but that's ok.

My life can also be exciting. ;)
so many good things lately.

~ a new part time job, waiting tables and serving dinner to the elderly at a cafe in an assisted living village. the result? so very many sweet requests, like, could you please cut my brussel sprouts in two? ~ and ~ please, please blend my spinach, and when you think it's blended, please blend it some more. this is three nights a week for just a few hours. God is really and truly using this season in my life to teach me about what it really means to serve others and truly put others before me.

~ a soon to happen visit from a very dear blogging friend from back in the MSN days. {soon as she should be here in about 30 minutes.} what an unbelievable thing to have mrs. ronna so close {just two and a half hours away.} she has been amazing over the course of this past year and is one of those women that helped give a piece of myself back.

~ a wonderful labor day camping trip out on the lake. three days of too much food, several naps, countless wipeouts on the knee boards and one fantasy football draft. {right. didn't so much take part in the last one.}

~ a new boy, who's actually been around for a few months now. an old friend who has been patiently courting and patiently waiting. we pray a lot about this. part of me would like to carefully scrutinize every tiny part of the newness of us to ensure that i really, really won't get hurt. but i know that's really, really not possible, so we pray. and pray. and go so slowly. but he's a good thing.

have i said it before? thanks, God, for You. i see You. see You everywhere.