I mean, really.  It's been a couple weeks and it's not like nothing has happened, or no thoughts have crossed my head or Rosie hasn't done anything outlandish.

It's more like:  we closed on the house and then it snowed a lot and then we tried to move in the snow and that didn't work so well but we did it as well as we could and then work became insanely busy because our crisis worker went to Nicaragua to get married and then it was Christmas and it was Christmas with a blended family and it was so super busy and then I had the crisis night from hell (almost literally) and we've been trying to unpack and get our house together and Rosie is very upset by the move and she took our Christmas tree down twice and we didn't have internet or cable for a week and a half (#firstworldproblems I know) and then all of our lovely friends were in town and then our sewer backed up and we found out the pipes are disconnected and we might have to excavate our backyard to fix it and now it's almost New Years and we have this lovely little gathering to attend ...

I have things to share.  A few pictures.  Some thoughts on the state of mental health services in the nation. My end of the year post.  I do.

But right now I am frying a chicken that's been soaked in a buttermilk brine and then the Mr. and I might see a movie.

Because life is very full.  Full of movement, full of joy, full of busy, full of laughter, full of horror at what Rosie does next, full of questions, full of dread about the cost of an excavation.  It's just full.

It's what I've been waiting for since 2007.

It couldn't be sweeter.

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  1. Andrea on December 31, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    appreciating your focus on the sweet through all the busy ;)


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