My dear friend Katelyn came up for a couple day visit. Upon recommendation, we visited this little hole in the wall donut shop. Katelyn is eating the voodoo donut. Cheryl chose the Fruit Loop. I chose the Oreo.

I can't believe I ate that. That was NOT a good decision.

And we've made several trips to Powell's City of Books, because I think I could live there. A little mat in a corner, maybe. Truly, that would be fine.

Funny thing, too, if I drive just a half hour, I find myself in {somewhat} rural Western Oregon, so I drove and found. And visited with Elizabeth, her husband Aaron, and their adorable little one Rebekah. Oktoberfest, where it is normal to sample microbrews at 10 in the morning. I like microbrews, but 10's a little early for me.

Did you know Cheryl and I lived in Europe until I was 9? True. And Oktoberfest was a type of homecoming, almost. Maybe no substitute for the real thing, but it definitely pulled on strings of familiarity.

And now ... on to school ... which starts tomorrow ...


  1. Sarah on September 28, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    You had a busy weekend! Hope the first day jitters were gone after hours in the bookstore ringing people up. Four hours of class?? A breeze. : )

  2. Elizabeth on September 28, 2009 at 9:00 PM

    Of all the smiles my daughter has to give, you certainly didn't get any for your camera. I still love it and glad you guys were able to come down for o'fest. We really had fun.


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