I gotta' lot of them. It's that time of year.

By next week, I should:

* Write a macro theory paper on juvenile delinquency and social capital theory. Yawn. Here's the rub: my professor insists that social capital theory is a conflict theory. Fine. It may well be. So WHY can I only find it in research in conjunction with social disorganization theory, which, according to Madam Professor, is an order theory? This class has been prickly in the tush. I don't want to complain, but come on. She made a girl cry in class. Seriously? Aren't we supposed to be learning how to help each other not cry - or - at least helping each other to find the meaning behind why we cry? It's kind of a long story, so I'll leave it there. I have no idea who reads this blog and the search queries on my stats are scary sometimes.

* Write my assessment on my last taped motivational interviewing session. HA! I need to practice. Anybody feeling ambivalent? I'm pretty good at pulling out underlying emotion behind resistance. Not so good, however, at complex re-framing statements. Yikes.

* Write my Statistics extra credit paper. That's right, my dears. Extra Credit. Why? Because even though I have rocked my last two tests, I have this Freddy Krueger SPSS data analysis coming up for my final paper. Fun times.

* Interview for my field placement. Yikes again. Did I already talk about this here? I can't remember. So field placements are a big deal for our program (probably a big deal no matter which school somebody chooses). Our field placement team takes it pretty seriously and is pretty protective of their working relationship with the community. On top of that, we're always being told to "advocate" for ourselves when it comes to gaining the field placement we want. Our field apps were due last month, and I "advocated" for myself in requesting a Hospice / Bereavement spot. Kind of competitive. Lots of spots for 2nd year fields, not not so many for lowly 1st year fields like me. BUT. Wouldn't you know. That's where I was tentatively placed. ONLY. When I called the center to set up my meeting, they said that although they've never had to do this before, they've had several Master's level programs want to place with them, and they have 7 applicants for 2 spots. So we're all interviewing. Competitively. Against each other. I'm up for a little friendly competition. The placement is truly a choice placement - running 2 bereavement adult support groups a week, a kids support group and conducting one on ones with clients. So, interview's next week. Yay if I get it. Sad if I don't. It's kind of a funny thing, but my work experience, course work and GPA have put me in a position to interview for this competitive placement. If, however, I don't get the placement (and I may not - who knows?), I go to the bottom of the field placement barrel as options are getting more and more limited as time goes by. So sad!

And ... that's it for next week. This week was about as exciting as Ned Flanders' children. A lot of billing for mouse cryopreservation and a class presentation on communalism. That's what this week was. There probably, might be, thinking about, ok - most definitely, some Ralph Wiggum personal changes brewing, but the time's not right yet to share. Maybe next week. Maybe the week after.

Be warned. I CAN do a somersault.


  1. Elizabeth on May 13, 2010 at 9:19 PM

    You're so funny! I hope and pray you get your first choice....and if for some reason not, I hope there is something better than bottom of the barrel. :0) If you get stuck you can always sing abcdefg...hijklolop...qrs..tuv...wxy and z..now I know my abc's...lolop...qrs..... the song your god daughter loves to sing.

  2. Ronna on May 15, 2010 at 7:14 AM

    I am sad because we did not connect this weekend :( After all that I totally failed to make arrangements to meet up with you. *sigh* But the summer is just beginning and I will see you yet :)

    Praying for you and the upcoming week(s). I love you bunches and bunches!!



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