(1)  Counselors really do go around saying, "And how does that make you feel?"  Only, this counselor, knowing that stereotype, goes around saying, "Mm hmmm.  What were you feeling when that happened?"  Really different, right?  (I'm not as clever as I pretend to be).

(2)  Mom was right:  bullies are mean to you because they don't like / are scared of / are insecure about / themselves.

(3)  It takes one to know one.  Ouch!  But it's true!  Often the things that just drive us up the wall about other people are the very things we're noticing in ourselves.  (This is also what I use to put people at ease when they're concerned I'm analyzing them.  "What?  Are you serious?  I'm in mental health because I RECOGNIZE! ;)).  And just as my emoticon suggests, sometimes I do wink.

(4)  This, too, shall pass.
It (probably) will (if we work at letting go).

(5)  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step / You'll never know unless you try.  Well, we have to start somewhere, and starting somewhere means shelving fear.  Easier said than done (another one!), right?

There are more, of course.  And there are some that I find horribly untrue.  And there are idioms that just drive me bat crazy (E.g.:  "I'm not gonna' lie."  Really?  Somebody suggests in the normal course of events they would, in fact, lie?).  Shoes shares in my distaste of junk language.  His least favorites are "whatnot" and the misuse of "Literally"  (E.g.:  "I literally died!"  Shoes says, "No you didn't.").

Your language peeves?  Favorite or least favorite cliches? Things you find yourself saying that your parents said?


  1. Elizabeth on January 26, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    "I mean technically she didn't, but she totally did" Well if she technically didn't than how did she totally to it?

    Someone today told me that I need to start learning to say no. For example to the heater repair man who called two hours before he was supposed to come fix Rebekah's heater in her room and said he had an emergency and couldn't come today. So I said fine and we reschuedled for tomorrow morn. But then after I get off the phone I start ranting about all the reasons I should have said no (like rebekah's been without heat in her room since Sunday because we don't know if it's going to turn off or not so when it's like 35 outside it's like 45 in her room.) Then person said why didn't you tell that man all these reasons...and I said because I can't be mean and say no. :( ugh.

    I know you are supposed to think before you speak...which I do, but I wish I could say the things I really want to say without worry. YOu know.

    WE need chocolate milk and cookies.

  2. Ronna on January 29, 2011 at 9:06 PM

    I have recently realized that I say "not gonna lie" a lot. I don't know why. It also drives Allen crazy. Maybe this is why I do it.

    Hmmm. Deep thoughts. ;-)


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