/ when we lay together and talked in low, silent voices"
      - Galway Kinnell, 2002

I've so wanted to get these pictures up ... but, you know ... after enjoying a full week of delicious laziness, things started to ramp up again at this amazing speed.  I'm on the chocolate river in a boat with Willy Wonka watching my life whiz by so quickly it's nauseating.  School, work, internship.  Another death of someone close by and another memorial service.  I was talking to one of my instructors about this and she started laughing and said, "My word, Lisa.  AND you're in an internship where life is like walking on a banana peel!"  It's true.  Any one of my clients could pass at any point - my youngest is 86 years old.  We're not indestructible human beings and our time does come.  But that's the subject of another post.  And that post will be entitled,"What these guys want you to know about growing old".    And I have about 3 sentences written so it might be awhile.

My, but I'm distracted today.

Before I awesomely started randomly talking about death, I mentioned that I wanted to get these lovelies up:

Shoes and I see each other about twice a month, but we talk to each other an average of 6 hours a week.  (I have to say, we really know how to talk to each other and we really know how to talk things out).  And when we get away, we get to experience that part of a relationship that normal couples have:  spending time in each other's presence - sometimes talking, sometimes not.   We spent 3 full days down there, vising all of our favorite places (we'd both been there before without each other):  the beach, 17 Mile Drive, Fisherman's Wharf, Carmel Mission, the Aquarium, The Mucky Duck and a new favorite for me:  Crown & Anchor.

We drank Chardonnay on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach.

We watched this incredible aqua water roll in and out and in and out at the beach.

We laughed so hard I (quite literally) almost experienced a moment of enuresis (or:  I almost peed my pants).

We took naps every day at 3:00.

And, at the end, we had to chain up - Shoes got a little greasy doing so.  Good thing we chained up ... the pavement was completely bare and dry. :S  A nice 3 hour addition to our already 12 hour drive home.

On our last day at the beach, Shoes admitted that it was a little crazy that he did not take the moment to ask a very serious question, and what could I do but agree?  ;)  I drew him a picture of the ring last July, my goodness.  We agreed that, in the end, it's ok, because we have a pretty darn good idea what the future holds for us.

So, onward fellow soldier.  The term awaits.


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