sucking at my guts until I was all
flamed surface
(Dove, 1989)

Take it.

GOOD NIGHT.  This term I took a class to fill my advanced policy requirement.  Specifically, it was Social Work 526.  Specifically, it was Social Work and the Law.

Lemme tell you something about Social Work and the Law.  I used to co-supervise a gosh darned Guardian Ad Litem Program and provided supervision to 15 well trained G.A.L.'s.  I LIKE the intersections of social work and legal issues.  Truthfully, I think they're fascinating.    With that background, and Shoes available for questions, I went in with a super amazing spirit and bubbly attitude.   I did that all the while ignoring the fact that I knew the course was going to be taught by one of the most disorganized, craziest, fly by the seat of the pants professors.  I thought, "Surely, because I know going in this is how he'll be, I'll be able to adjust my expectations and deal with it."

Nope!  Turns out I can't!

We read a ton of case law (which I read ALL of), wrote a legal brief (totally amazing use of my time with that one), sat through disjointed lectures ...   He arbitrarily cancelled the reading of one our required texts because he thought, on second thought, people might be offended by the content.  He made no sense last week and by the time I left class I was so super confused about what readings needed to be done, as well as when our final was due.  So I emailed him.  TWICE.  And he didn't respond either time.

In case you're curious, our final is a take home final.  It's 3 pages front and back, single spaced.  I started reading the questions when he handed them out and started to get super, super irritated because I knew that half of the information he glossed over and the other half he didn't cover at all.  Until I got to the last page ... and found that he had purposefully given us the answers.  On an answer sheet.  Verbatim.

I know, I know.  I should be grateful, right?  But is THIS what I'm spending my OUT OF STATE GRADUATION tuition on?

Oy Vey.
What did I learn?
Nothing.  Except for, you know, the basic liability stuff.  Don't sleep with clients.  Don't blab their business to everybody.  And the brief that has to be filed for the Supreme Court to hear your case is the Petition for Writ of Certiorari.   
Am I ever taking a class from him again?
I think no.

I was the last one done with my course evaluations. 

I am a flamed surface.


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