Shoes is in between Pullman and the Vineyard Town, which will continue for awhile.  The helping and the shoring up and the getting things figured out will stretch out.  All of the boys and the sister will be involved, I'm sure.  Shoes just happens to live the closest.

Can I share something?  After this week, I am even prouder of Shoes and his character.  He digs in, does the hard work and does the right thing ... patiently and kindly.  It's no small thing to know that he can absolutely be counted on.  And in true Shoes' fashion, in the midst of chaos, he's still able to quell my meltdowns in his teasing, witty way.

O, those wildly witty ways.

{It snowed here Wednesday  night.  A lot in my hilly, SW Portland neighborhood.  And for the first time, the weather won.  I spent years in Eastern Oregon and Washington, and I always won.  It was no small assault on my pride that I could not make it out of my neighborhood and had to call in to my internship.  But insult to injury, I couldn't get the car back in the driveway and left it parked next to the curb, facing headfirst down a long, long hill.  And in true Lisa fashion, I started worrying massively that it was just going to start sliding down the hill, even though it was parked, e brake set.  So, of course, the logical thing for me to do was to call Shoes, who is 5 hours away, crying, while he's dealing with his own grief, and even if the car DID start sliding down the hill, what was he going to do about it?  And on the phone, Shoes started laughing.  Because there's nothing else to do and we're ready for the Spring in every way imaginable.  Meltdown quelled.}

So now.  Back in Portland.  Trying to keep this tiny apartment warm.  Studying for my finals in two weeks {the first term I've ever had real tests for finals and not papers.  Did you hear that?  That was me trying to swallow the lump of epic proportions that's formed in my throat.} Gearing up for my internship evaluations.  Looking over me and Shoes' Spring Break trip plans for this year {we'd been planning to get out of here, but now everything's up in the air as to whowhatwherewhen (but not why)}.

How many more weeks until the Shoes & Lisa Spring Break Adventure of 2011?  Let me check.


Blessed Be.


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