... ah safer and smoother and smaller was my heart."
     - Mark Halladay

Shoes and I, for "Valentines Day", had a charming dinner out at one of our favorite, laid back, Southeast Portland secret places.  And after that, he said, "We should go dancing.  We should go dancing downtown and live it up a little."

Only, I don't know where to go dancing.  Safely.  And truthfully, I was being a little bit of a girl and sulking because I had dressed for, "Let's have dinner classic SE Portland style where we can drink a beer and maybe take a dog."  Not so much, "Let's put on a little black dress and live it up downtown."  But Shoes gets the urge to dance maybe twice a year.   What can I do?  Then he said, "Watch this.  I've got this."

And he called a cab.  And got in.  And said to the Cab Driver, "Hey man.  We're travel writers from Pittsburgh writing a piece on downtown night life from Cabbie recommendations.  What can you recommend?"  And our Somalian cab driver excitedly told us he had just the place, but that we should definitely write the name of our hotel down before we had  a cocktail in case we didn't remember it later.

Because that, according to Cab Driver, is awful.

So he dropped us off and we danced.  And danced.  And danced.  And if you have never seen my darling Shoes dance, well.    It's pretty much the most adorable, most painfully awkward, best thing I've ever seen.  Women, and I'm not kidding here, eat it up.

And then he went home much earlier than usual the next day because he had court first thing Monday.

What better way to celebrate love than by district court DUI hearings?

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Fairlightday on February 15, 2011 at 6:01 AM

    Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate. :) I hope it was a very Happy V Day for you, knowing that so many people love you! xo


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