A spunky co worker decided to throw a murder mystery cocktail party set at a women's college in 1960.  That part you already know from the previous post.

We had all received a few lines on who our characters would be.  I was "Mary" - quiet, bookish, nerdy.  Shoes was "Lawrence", dating me, conservative, son of a preacher.  A group of about 15 of us or so showed up at the party and were given extra information.  Reveal this, deflect this, try not to admit to this.

And then from there, the process is far too complicated to try to explain here.  Not even the character who did it knew she did it until the very end.

Good to know!

None of us figured it out, but as the night wore on and we got more and more into it, voices started to raise and laughter started to take over.  A good time, no doubt.

One of my most favorite parts was when gentlemanly Lawrence stood up suddenly, pointed at the "football captain" of Lone Pine College and shouted, "You, sir, are a pig!"  Which was met with a chorus of "Indeed!"

I have to start with the accessories for my costume first; the other pictures don't show them well.

So fun.  Shoes found them when I drug him to 5 antique stores one morning looking for them.
He was very relieved to find them.
It meant we were done antique shopping.

Fabulous little non matching hat.
My character was booky and nerdish, though.
Nerdish people don't have to match.
I know this because this is art imitating life.

Little black cocktail dress.
Clicking on the image should make it a little larger.

I am slouching because my heels are very high.
I am very tall.
Shoes is not very tall.
And I should know that this takes a very unattractive picture because it's definitely not the first time in my life I've had this experience or dated a man who was shorter than me.
You should see my Senior Homecoming Pictures.

In conclusion, Shoes was well liked by the other party goers.  They appreciated his commitment to the event and to his character.  And once again, I am in awe of this amazingly patient man who agrees to do things like this with me.  

I have a feeling there may be payback.

I'll keep you updated.


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