I mean, one day I'm scooping her up and she's pick up sized ... and today she's so heavy I can barely lift her.  We had a friend who told us to take lots of pictures her first couple weeks home because she would never be that tiny again.

He was so right.  Our little baby is now a big puppy, with long jackrabbit like legs.

And we love her.  Like, love of our life type love.

Don't get me wrong.  She's been stressful.

Really, really stressful.

She went through a phase where she bit everything.  And by bit, I mean, biting.  Not soft mouthing.  Several of my work clothes pieces became Rosie Casualties.  She went through a phase where she ran around the house at break neck speed everyday at 4:00, knocking everything over.

She gets ... um ... a nervous stomach?  With accompanying issues?  A lot.  A LOT.

We have an all white carpet.


When we went to Vegas (and that post is next!), we dropped her off at a kennel, and that first night, while we were packing, we did not say, "Oh, how fabulous Vegas will be.  I hope we see the Venetian.  I'd love to see the Bellagio fountains.  Let's go to Old Vegas."


We looked at each other forlornly and said, "Where's our dog?  I wonder what she's doing right now?"

We always knew we were dog people.  Always.  We didn't know we'd be this into the little pup that's almost made us pull all of our hair out.  While we won't be throwing her a birthday party ... this year ... Happy Almost 4 Month Birthday, Rose.  You're terribly naughty.  Please don't change.

Shoes and Rosie siesta on a Sunday afternoon.

She's a natural born Cougars fan.  Naturally.

Somebody didn't mind her first bath.  Too much.

Rosie is not allowed on our bed.  Period.  Until today, when she decided that wasn't the rule anymore.  (It is.) 

There is a website one of my good friends from grad school posted on FB.  If you haven't been there yet, I strongly suggest you do.  I go there often.

It makes me feel better about Rose's shenanigans.

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  1. Andrea on September 23, 2012 at 6:59 PM

    Wow - she sure HAS grown! I can only imagine how stressful all her antics are at this stage, but oh, those eyes, I can see how you two are head-over-heels in love.


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