Too late to start lying about my age now!

I am 35.  In the past year, I have:

* Graduated with my Master's
* Moved to the middle-of-nowhere
* Gotten married
* Adopted an insane Golden Retriever {who is the second greatest love of my life}
* Started my first therapy job as a community outpatient mental health therapist
* Bought a house
* Started renovating said house
* Quit my job as a community outpatient mental health therapist
* Started a new job as an in home family therapist {contracted with the Children's Administration}

I have:

* Laughed
* Cried
* Wept
* Argued
* Loved
* Been loved
* Threatened to give the Golden Retriever away
* Cried when the Golden Retriever graduated puppy class
* Stepped on home renovation screws
* Cursed because I stepped on home renovation screws
* Been hopeful
* Been despondent
* Been faithful
* Been fearful

In the road to 36, I would like to:

* Rest
* Rest
* Rest
* Learn how to play the violin
* Take a honeymoon
* Rest

I googled "On my 35th year" just now, and what came up was an entire host of personal narrative blogs (hellllo, like minded souls!) that addressed a type of self evaluation that comes with 35 -- what we want to do next, in the next 5 years, before we turn 40.  What our first 35 years has meant.

I don't know what my first 35 years has meant.  Many apologies.

But, I can tell you that it feels long and full, you know?  Like, I was born, and then I was a kid, and then wait, holy cow, a lot of adult things happened to me and now I am married with a house (mortgage), husband, job and yard that needs to be cared for weekly.  I also have a job where sometimes amazing things happen, sometimes truly sad things happen, and sometimes I get threatened with weapons.  A little variety.

This is what I plan to do today:  Practice a little extra gratitude and thankfulness.  Send out a little extra love in the Metta Bhavana.  Take a deep breath.  Slow down slightly.

Today, I am halfway to 70.

Hello, 35!


  1. AandW Drive-Thru on June 25, 2013 at 12:24 PM

    Tanti Auguri, my friend. Cheers!!! Here's to AT LEAST 35 more years! :)

  2. Andrea on June 25, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    What a year! May the ones to come be all you dream of and more - Happy Birthday!!


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