... I am so very peaceful I think my soul will burst from quietness. And that is a very good feeling.

Right now, I'm blogging.

But as I'm blogging, before and after, I'm cooking my dinner of fish and asparagus. I'm reading The New Yorker. And I'm drinking a glass of Sangria.

For reasons that completely escape me, I'm not focused on how I missed my exercise class because I got caught up at work. I'm not thinking about that Very Hard Family Meeting I will have to have tomorrow at the Child Welfare office. I am not thinking about why I still haven't heard about graduate school yet. I am not worried that the steroid shots I've been receiving are not working on my frozen shoulder.

{These are things I normally think about.}

Instead, I am thinking about much I love fish, asparagus and Sangria. I am thinking about how completely and totally in love with my three month old roommate I am and how I get to have her all to myself this Saturday. I am thinking about a lovely trip to Calgary I will be taking this fall with a dear friend. I am concentrated on the breeze that's coming from the open door and settling on my bare legs.

It's happy.


  1. Chelle on April 21, 2009 at 10:43 PM

    Oh you write, so beautifully...this post grabbed me and sucked me in...

    You are dear to my heart.

  2. Aminta on April 22, 2009 at 9:34 AM

    Oh Lisa,
    Praying for you today especially, and that you will have at the very least..... several of these evenings. No guilt, no pressure, just complete joy in life and your sangria! ;)
    Sweetie.... I have missed too many of my work-outs in the last week.
    You know, my mom lives North of Spokane about an hour, and I spent my late teen years in Chewelah. :)
    A bunch of my family live in E.WA. Acually.
    I so hope you are well today.
    Go with the knowlege that He is with you, and there are many here for you.


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