... I won't ever *really* be able to tell you how my little girl from my last post turns out. We did, however, wrap up our camera project and oh, how I wish I could really, really tell you the joy she captured on film.

What else?

A 3 day trip to the Olympic Peninsula. One last, stolen getaway before the chaos of the move and the beginning of graduate school. Lots of time in the car. Lots of time discussing, sharing, relating, discovering.


Crescent Lake. A long, clear, beautiful expanse I wanted to jump completely in and let it swallow me. Fear of hypothermia, however, is a dream killer ...

Places on maps exist in real life. I need to remember that more ...

An hour or so here at Rialto Beach does a soul good and makes a girl happy. {Pick me, marketers! I can do soooo much better for your tourist advertising than capitalizing on Forks ~ which is a sad, sorrowful place coincidentally ...}

I'm not so readily armed with details, but hints are my forte. Piano forte!! It was a lovely weekend. I am a lucky girl.

And sooooooo popular with new four year old friends named Michael:

I am not the mermaid, but I am the face immediately to the left of the mermaid. Lifelike, right? Thanks, Michael!!

And now, on to finishing my last {4} days of employment with the County. Time to assimilate and process and develop some closure.


  1. Sarah's Blog on August 19, 2009 at 2:23 PM

    okay, so I need to ask about the shadows... not sure what to ask but I know I need a full detailed report and in person. You and Cheryl also need to have a little house warming party. Can't wait to see you!!!

  2. Anonymous on August 26, 2009 at 7:52 PM

    I need details. :D


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