I made them. For four hours I mixed, rolled, cut, frosted the snowmen, the trees, the bells, the ... candy canes. And then I got tired of making them and 20 cookies later, threw away the rest of the dough.

Yes, I DO think dough grows on trees. Or it multiplies in the bowl, pulling a holy Loaves and Fishes act.

Shoes was very grateful for his cookies of deliciousness. Genuinely so. He picked one up and looked at it, scrutinized it carefully and said, "You made me a Christmas Ghost?" (It was obviously a snowman, however. Obviously). But that's ok. Shoes got in the Christmas spirit himself and decorated for Christmas:

A Christmas Totem Pole. It was bequeathed to him by his late great aunt as part of his inheritance. We mean no disrespect to the totem pole. It is just that he did not at all want to buy a Christmas Tree for just him (remember, we now live 4 hours apart). That's creepy, he says.

I told him the truth:

This no Christmas Tree thing lasts as long as we're not in the same town. And for Heaven's sake, quit calling my snowmen ghosts.

not quite a postscript: what you must know about Shoes is that from the moment I stepped foot in the vineyard town to the moment I left, I was taken care of, pampered and loved. He is a keeper, despite his penchant for making fun of my cooking.


  1. Fairlightday on December 29, 2009 at 2:15 PM

    Sugar cookies make me groan when they are mentioned. Mike can not even begin to understand why. Most years I let the kids decorate a few and then kick them out of the kitchen on a sugar high and finish the rest with my usual "make it beautiful OCD" tendency. This year, the girl was old enough to be fascinated for hours and no one left the kitchen till all the cookies were decorated. As a result I took no pictures of angels without wings and half Christmas trees. I seriously think the whole cookie thing should be re-thought for future holidays. :)
    BTW- that decorated totem pole would have had me laughing on the floor. Sounds like something my guy would do. :)

  2. Kylee on December 29, 2009 at 2:51 PM

    I think your cookies turned out great! And your candy canes looked way better than mine. I love the totem pole it still makes me smile just thinking about it. I am glad that despite his teasing that you were pampered and well taken care of. You deserve it! Enjoy the rest of your break my dear friend.

  3. Ronna on December 30, 2009 at 3:13 PM

    I totally cheated and bought the kind that come already made in the refrigerator section at Fred Meyer...you are a much better woman than I.

    Oh and about the snow? Yeah. Those coast-y people do NOT know how to handle it!! LOL Love you, Miss you!!


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