We lived in Europe until I was 9.  Magical, yes.  Also, my normal.  Also, perpetually cold and rainy.

Every Volksmarch, every field trip to a castle, every Oktoberfest - rainy, rainy, rainy. 

I drug Adam to the Oktoberfest down in Mt. Angel.  The only pictures I have are of Shoes and I, drowning in water, in front of the Harvest Monument.   And.  I almost got my eye poked out by other people's umbrellas.  And.  Some strange man made a big deal out of my wonderful, Target bargain, rusting umbrella.

Apparently, it is a magical umbrella that compliments me well.

Apparently, Shoes has magical hearing, as he immediately headed over to me to rescue me from the Umbrella Man.

I do have this picture, though:

We're here, at the Brewery Elizabeth had suggested from the very start.

It is not raining and  nobody is chasing after my rusty umbrella.

Also, there is a terrible band you cannot hear from the picture.  Actually, they were not terrible.  They were musically very talented. But it was verrrryyyyyy sllllooooowwwww and sleep inducing.

Also, this is a posting about "Superfreak."

A few days ago, Elizabeth posted a FB video of her daughter, my goddaughter, Rebekah, dancing in front of the TV.  At one point she stops, points to the man on TV, and says, "That's Shoes."

Actually.  It was Rick James.

Elizabeth tried a couple of times to tell her indeed, it is not.

I assure you, there is absolutely NO resemblance.  Sorry, Abekah. 

Fake out, this is also a posting about school, which starts next week.  Two thumbs up.  But, I also have to do new student orientation, again, because I am just starting my internship this year.  Two thumbs down.  But after new student orientation, I am driving to the Vineyard town to help Shoes move the last of his things into his house.  One thumb up, one thumb down.

I am also going to be going to my first Cougar game.  Two thumbs up.

And then driving back on Monday to go to class on Monday night.  Two thumbs up again.

Fall and I?  Best friends.
Rick James and Shoes?  Not best friends.


  1. Ronna on September 22, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    Thank you for making me laugh...I REALLY needed that!!

    Rick James....hahahahahha!!!!

    Love you!

  2. Elizabeth on September 22, 2010 at 11:11 PM

    Now I need to show this picture of Rick James to REbekah and see if she still feels the same. I'm sad that you don't have video of the band...indeed they were a fine band...just not what is needed during a night of fun and drinking...but we made the most of it with Blame it on the rain and that girl is Poison!


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