It started with fair ...

In a classic piece of American ritual, Goddaughter Rebekah got to see the cows.  As was happening all over America, we fawned and commented on how cute she was.  As was happening in many places all over America, she moo-ed.  Long live the State fair. 

Rebekah, cousin Aiden, and Nana and Papa took a sit at the State Fair.  (If I can figure out to make the images smaller, I'll send them to you, Jeff and Win!).  I wanted to take a sit at the State Fair, too.  Do you know how many people were there that day?

Too many.

Too, too many.

Malaika's mommy, Sarah, is having another baby.  Well.  She is not having a baby in this picture.  In this picture, Malaika is putting on makeup, because we are about to clean out the garage to get ready for Sarah's baby shower.

And we must look excellent doing it.

Sarah and Edwin are showing us how they will parent as equal co partners together.  Seriously.  They co-diapered this doll in 5 seconds flat.  Of course, the doll was plastic.  And not moving.  Or crying.  Or squirming.

Still.  These two could successfully parent any kid.

Trust me, I'm an (almost) professional.

This, dear hearts, is a slug.  I had originally uploaded a picture of Shoes examining said slug, but it showed too much of his face and I am too, too lazy on this perfect Saturday to edit the photo.  It took us 10 minutes to figure out what it was.  We ended up getting lost in the arboretum (kind of) that day.  Maybe because we were too focused on our friends with no legs.

Or maybe we got (kind of) lost because we were quieted and enthralled by pure height.  Pure loveliness.

(God is not dead.)

But God does have a sense of humor. 

(After we climbed our way out of the arboretum and headed to home.  Through downtown.)


And lastly, Rebekah shows us the glory of wearing many hats.  (Stop while you're ahead, precious.  Nobody wants to wear too many hats.)

One more picture posting in a few weeks, and then the school stories will re-introduce themselves ...


  1. Ronna on September 11, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    I have decided slugs, look like....well like a piece of poo, lol!!! I took a picture of one the weekend we met for coffee and it looked suspiciously like someone had left a gift laying in the grass. Closer inspection revealed it to be a brown slug...which is almost as gross as a piece of poo.

    Gotta love the PNW. Slugs and all :)

  2. Elizabeth on September 11, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    Ronna beat me to it, but that slug did not look like looked like poo. If you hadn't said what it was I would have wondered why you were taking a picture of poo.
    Rebekah is still talking about how you took her on the bike when you were here. She is a girl of many hats.

  3. Lisa on September 11, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    @Ronna: I just don't know if I can handle these slugs. There's one that's slowly been working it's way aross my favorite running trail nearby ... I'm afraid I'm going to squish it. This one was bright, bright green. Blech.

    @Elizabeth: She did so well on our walk! I felt terrible, though, because it was so hot and her little head was so sweaty. It was hard getting her to hold onto the handles, though. We also blew on dandelions. It was magnificent.

    It's not poo, guys. Even I have standards. ;p

  4. AandW Drive-Thru on September 15, 2010 at 11:55 PM

    I totally thought that was green poop before you said it was a slug... I guess that's where my mind first goes now being a mom of two! And darn... I'd really like to see a pic of Shoes face one of these days or better yet meet him in person soon.


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