This IS a holiday picture - see the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling of my office?  So nice of him to stop by the Very Large Hospital I work at in Metro Portland.  I'm sure he's listening with bated breath to all of my ideas on the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the abused ...

Trust me, I'm FULL of ideas.

Shoes and I had a little pre-holiday dinner with these guys.  Surely you recognize my goddaughter, Rebekah.   She shows up here all the time.  And I may I just say that she is hilarious.  And talks a mile a minute.   And, though she tries to play coy, she is madly in love with Shoes. 

Other pre holiday bonuses:  a GSSW Swanky Holiday Party (thanks, Eliz!) of which I have no blog worthy pictures.  Lots of holiday shopping.  A trip to the Vineyard town soon to hide out and rest.

Another holiday bonus:  another semester of straight As.  Thanks, Santa!

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  1. Sarah on December 17, 2010 at 6:24 PM

    Talk about random - all I can say is that the office where you are grasping President Obama is a particulary scary and unsettling color. Youch!


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