It's Sunday.

Last Tuesday I was about to begin my first full week of school vacation.  Wednesday through today loomed large.  I had planned to sneak away to the Vineyard Town, tell almost nobody, hide out, sleep, rest, watch Shoes' giant T.V. and check my email on his giant Mac.  I so needed a rest.

Super enthralling, I know.

Instead ... instead I spent time with all of my old Juvenile Justice buddies.  I'm still not sure how that happened, and it's not at all what I had planned.  It was, however, better than I had planned. Probation officers, juvenile detention officers, my kindred spirits at CASA.  Time well spent laughing, commiserating, drinking wine. 

Telling war stories.

Shoes was a trooper during the entire week.  He sees these guys all the time, but he patiently listened to my incessant chatter and escorted me to the office Christmas party.  These times in the Vineyard Town help me remember that good things happened there too.  Shoes is one of those good things.

We had to run up to Pullman to help Shoes' parents with a few things, and after that, we slept on the couches like the dead.  13 hours of sleep.  And then I drove home.  And drove through some insanely crazy snow in the dark through Hood River.  And now am ready for this coming week.  No slow down expected, but despite the pace, it's looming lovely and full.

The very best part of this last week, hands down, was my time with my old roommate, Tiffany, and her now 2 year old daughter, Madelyn.  This was my roommate before I moved to Portland to go to grad school;   Madelyn was just 7 months old when I left.  She is smart and social and talkative and mischievous.  And I miss her dearly.  Her mom, too.

Lovely and full.  This entire fall and holiday season has been lovely and full.  Christmas next week and I'm hoping to have big, big, big news for you by the end of the year.  Maybe it will happen.  Maybe it won't.  I have a few hints and a few clues and so much family support I think I could burst.  What will be, will be ... but I have a feeling this season will continue to be lovely and full ...

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  1. Kylee on December 20, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    I liked all of this blog post, but I especially liked the last paragraph. Have a wonderful holiday dear friend.


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