my big, loving, chaotic, blended family.

this is just a fraction of this side of the family - it's really not even too extended.  every person is important.  just a few key players:  blockhead on the far right is Shoes.  he just does not want his picture on the web.  in fact, he's asked me to put a slowdown on the facebook pictures.  my answer is to not tag them.  eh.  that's probably not enough.  he is working in a town that has absolutely no courtroom security for his district court docket (not even a metal detector ... so professional and comforting ...)

facing the picture, i'm to the left of shoes.  my full sister cheryl is to the left of me.  my mom is to the left of her.  my step dad is to the left of her.  my brother, Gregg, is kneeling in front of Cheryl and I.  my sister, Lizz, is kneeling dead center in the striped shirt.  our host, my niece Chantea, is on the left wearing a green shirt and glasses.  of course, in that, there are spouses, nieces, nephews, parents of partners and more family goodness.

christmas eve was 22 person, one turkey, one ham, 2 jello salads, 5 bottles of wine, one big gift exchange full.   christmas day was one smaller family visit, replete with one raucous game of "Apples to Apples".  i'm not sure i want to play with my sister Lizz anymore.  she's either a genius or has amazing luck with her cards.  my cards?  not so lucky.  they included "my love life" and "my parents house." 

that's just trouble in the making .... i didn't put those suckers down at all.

i haven't seen some of these guys in years (i haven't seen my parents since last Christmas).   so good to see their faces and get caught up.  so glad to be able to include Shoes this year. 

and because this is just how i am, so excited to move forward to the new year ...

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  1. t i m on January 11, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    Wow, it looks like you have a wonderful big family.

    All the best for 2011. ;)


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