This is mean.  And it's mean because I'm jealous.  I'm going to be mean right now because some days I would like to be at home all day getting caught up on all the things that pile up at a house if you're single or married or have kids:  laundry, dishes, floors, vacuuming, grocery shopping, windows, bills, switching out pictures in picture frames, organizing papers, emptying out mice traps (right.  probably will call someone to come do that one.)

But I can't do any of those things right now because I'm swamped in macro level community based projects (love, love, love raising $500.00 in 3 weeks.  That's a lie. I don't at all.  PTSD from Church Fundraisers) and gerontology theory and dueling gracefully with the GSSW over my registration rights as a 3 year student (long story).  I'm just tired and cranky and ready for the summer.

And mean.  And jealous of those who have already figured out their adult life and don't wake up at 3 in the morning randomly worrying about how to get 3 cases of bottled water to the GSSW when my entire macro project team works at least 3/4 time and there is no extra time.

(I'm about to be transparent about my meanness.  Hold on.)

There is no extra time.  None.

So I get jealous when I see what people are doing on Facebook all day long and it sounds so much better than what I'm doing (which makes no sense because I do love what I'm doing on many levels) and that manifests itself in thoughts such as, "What?  How are people on Facebook  that much?  And why are they telling me about every little thing they're doing?"  Which REALLY doesn't make sense because I am the one READING it.  And I know lots of people who have writing careers where they're at the computers all day and the FB is part of being on the computer.  Not really thinking about that here.  I have often harbored mean, terrible thoughts about parodying these constant FB updates, but in a super special, SW way.  Using lots of exclamation points, because, of course, using exclamation points is super appropriate when working with the dying.  Such as:

8:00 am:  OMG!  Another day at internship!  LOVE THESE OLD PEOPLE!
9:00 am:  FELLOW GSSW's:  Any ideas where I can get a free DSM??
10:00 am:  Just had supervision - can't believe this year is almost over!
11:00 am:  Lisa likes "God" and "Humanistic Politics" and "Don't show the pictures of Bin Laden"
12:00:  Lunch - I am SO hungry!  Choices, choices.  Do I eat the food from the retirement cafe or the free food the facility gives us?
1:00:  Lisa is attending "May 1st Worker's Right March in the Park Blocks"!!
2:00:  Lisa started playing Sim Social Work Services.  Build your own service agencies and clients -- see which clients thrive!
3:00:  OMG.  Group today went soooooo good!
4:00:  So tired.  Yawn.  Almost done with this day.  2 more individual sessions left and then I'm outta here!
6:00:  Lisa started playing Public Policy Trivia with a score of 5000!  Create an account and play with her!
7:00:  Just went for a 4 mile run and I'm STARVING!  What to eat for dinner??
8:00:  Decided on the chicken and salad - can't be too healthy, LOL!!
9:00:  Another long night of reading, writing and research ahead - Socioemotional Selectivity Theory and Gerotranscendance, here I come!
12:00:  Sooooo tired.  Goodnight everybody!!!

This weekend I'm going taking a day to drive with Shoes up to Seattle for one year olds' birthday party (we committed to this awhile ago and I have been purposefully structuring my coursework for the past few weeks to be gone for an entire day and a half).  I will not think about how mean I am.  I will not think about theory.  I will worry only slightly about the cases of water that need to get to the school next Friday.  I will play with Shoes' nephews and will enthusiastically listen to fantastic stories about dinosaurs and Pokemon.  I will pretend that that is my real life and I have already graduated.  I am thankful for school.  And.  I am ready for 2012.


  1. mahnamahna on May 6, 2011 at 2:26 PM
    Mama shaq mama shaq shaq's your mom. That's a fact.

  2. Lisa on May 6, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    I know the above comment is spam. I know I should remove it. But I love the randomness of it too, too much.

    Shaq isn't my mom. And I don't know what "Fast aint a scav team" means.

  3. Kylee on May 6, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Oh friends, you are women after my own heart with this post. I don't think I could have said it better myself. I hope you do enjoy you trip this weekend. Love you.

  4. Sarah's Blog on May 7, 2011 at 7:59 AM

    HAHAHA! LOVE that random comment and I am glad you left it! Edwin was just telling me I need to stop posting so much on facebook. He said people are going to de-friend me because I post to many pictures. I told him he can say something when I start updating my status on my way to the bathroom! LOL
    I am ready for 2012 for you too! Just looking at your day made me want to crawl back into bed and sleep.
    LOVE YOU and looking forward to seeing you eventually. ;)

  5. Veronica on May 8, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    This rant is hilarious. I was hoping for the ubiquitous "UGH". Good GOD I hate the UGH.

  6. Lisa on May 8, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    @Kylee: Love you. Now come visit me already. (Like you don't have anything going on right now ... !).

    @Sarah: I just sent you a message. Ironically, on FB. And take it from me, you'll never be able to post too many pictures of the girls.

    @Veronica: So, so true. I almost feel like I'm being manipulated to comment (with 10 question marks): Everything OK??????? ;)


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