... first, please don't end abruptly.  i surely do hope that the Mayan's stone was just not big enough to write the entire future of the universe on.  and i hope that nothing catastrophic happens with the switching of the earth's poles.

also, this is going to be a huge year of writing my theoretical foundations paper, finishing up my internship, graduating from graduate school and getting married;  i was going to write some specific, amazing goals for you, but then realized how busy you're going to keep me.

so i'm not writing goals.  or resolutions.  instead, i'm going to concentrate on the things i know you already contain and focus instead on how to be and rest within the tasks i need to accomplish.  as in, i will be focused on being peaceful, being compassionate, and maintaining a good sense of humor.  shoes and i have many unanswered questions about this year:  no clue where we're going to live, who is going to move, what jobs we're going to have, but i trust that you contain only good things.  (we have some creative ideas, but i'm bound by small town politics to avoid talking about them prematurely.)

with all that you have revealed, you are still the year of the unknown.

i trust you anyway.

(but seriously, no abrupt, cataclysmic ending of the world, ok?  i'm pretty serious about that.)


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