so many lovely little bits to add to my own advent season of beautiful things:

*  the holiday giving tree at the mall.  merry christmas, precious 6 - 8 year old girl.

*  super fantastic holiday parties for my internship site.  you never know what's going to happen when you get a bunch of therapists in the room!  raucous laughter, darling babies to pass around, delicious wine.  things that help remind us that the world is really a gorgeous place to be.

*  picking the absolute, 1,000% perfect recipe for stuffed mushrooms and watching them fly off the plate at said party.

*  a walk down Portland's amazing Peacock Lane with my love.

*  watching a darling young man propose to his gorgeous young girlfriend on Peacock Lane and joining with the strangers on the street in cheering in jubilation when she said yes.  (truly, truly a magical christmas moment --  there is nothing sweeter than proposals at christmas!  [unless, of course, you're proposed to at the japanese garden on july 27th.])

* and speaking of, my dear friend becca getting engaged just today!

*  finding the perfect christmas gift (possibly ever) for sister cheryl.

*  dinners with my sweet friend stacey and her amazing husband josh.  sharing my hamburger with their daughter liberty and having liberty ask me, "what's he saying??" as i cuddle liberty's infant brother, jaxon.

*  writing letters "from" santa claus and receiving letters "to" santa claus.  how sweet is it that my dear nephew Finn wants to know if santa likes green or brown cookies, or that little miss molly wants to know if santa is warm and what he eats for dinner?  getting these letters and writing back is no small joy.

*  the mischievous little imp of a girl who stole all of our hearts at the ADHD lab when she said asked santa for a poodle puppy for christmas ... one she wants to name ...  snoodle.

*  new years eve plans for the vineyard town at a fancy pants, name-on-the-list-only cool kid party ... and time to get all caught up with my old roommate and her daughter.  giddy with excitement.

*  dancing with shoes in my kitchen to potential first dance songs.  out of breath laughter when we tried, "baby, don't forget my number ..."

* knowing that very soon i will be able to say that shoes and i are getting married ... "this year."  (ditto for graduating ... "this year!")

not quite sure where the last two weeks of winter break have gone  ... the busy-ness really never let up ... but still grateful for all that's here.  still excited about all that's going to come.


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