I get weirdly excited about antiques.  So much so that they are central in my wedding.  I may regret this later when we have to lug all of them to the venue and then back home again.
I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about the fact that I'm marrying Shoes in just six months.  And that we (might) get to live in the same town, much less the same house.
I can’t stop thinking about how Shoes and I are going to make the next year work.  Long distance?  No distance? New jobs?  No jobs?  Every morning at 4:00, my mind springs into action.  Every morning at 5:00 I curse my mind because I just want to go back to sleep.
I just want to eat Ben and Jerry's.  Yep.  Despite my move to whole foods, I dream about those two geniuses a lot.  I would consider entering a plural marriage if I could keep Shoes and those two as my other two husbands.
I am kinda a bad person and sometimes think I'm smarter than other people.   It's something I'm ashamed of and something I'm actively trying to let go of, but I can't stand obvious, pat, superficial answers.   Which, of course, is a synonym for critical and judgey.  And oddly enough, this really doesn't happen with clients.  But it does with other professionals.
I wish I could dye my hair a rich, stunning, shiny brunette.  I've been dying it blond for the past 11 years - after one of my friends assured me she could give me highlights with an at home kit.  (Which prompted me, first thing the next morning after the disaster of the at home kit, to visit a salon.  Which prompted root grow out.  Which prompted another visit to the salon ...)
I just don’t understand the allure of Twilight.  Take away my woman card now, I guess.
I can’t believe how close I am to graduating.  Three years of work, and just 5 months left.  Or getting married.  Or working as a professional with a graduate degree.  Fill in the blank; there's a lot of change that's about to happen.
I strongly consider spending a lot of money on breast augmentation.  Didn't see THAT one coming, did you??  Yeah, well.  You try being a 5'9" and the size I am.  Take away my feminist card now, I guess.
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  1. BreAnna on February 12, 2012 at 3:40 PM

    You and Shoes are going to share a home!! How exciting is that? I'm weirdly excited about that myself.
    I think you should go brunette at some point, I imagine you would be a lovely brunette.
    I too don't understand the allure of Twilight. I've never even tried to read the books because I honestly don't care to get into them.
    As for the last point, you might want to jump on that while you still have your hospital discount for plastic surgery. ;)

  2. Lisa on February 12, 2012 at 4:35 PM

    @B: Oh my goooooodness. I completely forgot about the plastic surgery discount! Score!

  3. Rebecca on February 21, 2012 at 10:12 AM

    I don't get the whole Twilight thing either I think it would be better if I did because honestly, I feel kind of left out on those big opening nights where all my girlfriends are having a jolly old time down at the theater (which, as we know is about the only recreational thing to do in this town). As for breast augmentation, I know a lot of friends who have done it and I say do what makes you happy! And get a good doc by referral. I can't say I haven't considered going under the knife myself for a few little things :)

  4. Lisa on February 21, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    @Rebecca: Phew. Glad to know I'm not alone. I always wanted to pick a team but couldn't superficially decide if I was more like a Vampire or more like a werewolf....


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