and this post is not  meant to belittle any culture.

Fair warning.

Sister Cheryl and I were having a beer a couple weeks ago at the campus pub.  It's a dive.  It's freezing.  It's an interesting assortment of students, artists and homeless people.   Even with all of the treasures in Portland, it's our preferred place to meet.

Sister Cheryl was telling me about a Korean TV show, in which one of the character's names is "Kim Sam Soon."  Apparently, this is bizarre and a large part of why the show is funny.  (I don't know what "Kim Sam Soon" means, actually, and so if it translates into something bad about your mother, apologies.  I'm sure your mother is a lovely woman.)

As I sipped my IPA, I wondered aloud what an American version would be:  something Americans find hilarious but wouldn't translate well culturally.

Cheryl sipped her IPA, gazed into space and said softly, "I can has cheeseburger."

funny pictures - toof faeiree wuz heer last nite

Well played, Sister Cheryl.  Well played.


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