This weekend was so chock full of goodness, sweetness and friendship, I almost don't know what to say.
It is a very humbling and filling feeling to know that people wish you nothing but the best.
It is very humbling to think about the rock solid friendships I have been favored with in my 3 years here in Portland.
I was blessed beyond belief by two afternoons of laughter and love and, well, honestly, naughtiness by my co workers at the lab in the name of celebrating my pending nuptials and ending my bachelorette-hood.
Because I don't know what to say, I'll show you some pictures.
Of *most* things...

At Enso Winery on SE Stark, B. creates a table for the small group of ladies to gather around, sip wine, and talk about our upcoming graduation and my wedding that seems sometimes out of control.  Do you see the middle plate?  Those are homemade, beyond delicious homemade macarons by B.'s Mr.  Do you see the pitcher to your left?  Strawberry Basil Lemonade.  No kidding.

Sister Cheryl.
Is Stunning.

No good words.
Just good feelings.

B. hosted the two days.
She had a leeetle bit of help with the Naughty.
I cannot say how much I am going to miss her.
There are some things about graduating and moving on that are really Very Hard.
I can't think about it right now.

We did not drink all the wine in the barrels.
But these lovely ladies are my social worker peeps -- and my sister -- who has been adopted by all of us.

The night before the slightly chilly late Spring winery afternoon, we gathered for a very different purpose.
And that's all I can say.
These ladies above are my co workers at the lab.
They are nerds (at least 14 college degrees at that table and if you need a statistical analysis run?  They're your go to gals...)
They are gorgeous.
And they are supremely loving.
They are nerdy, hot, supremely loving ladies.
I am so very, very, very lucky to have them.
The  next pictures are just a teensy bit of icing on the weekend ...

Sister Cheryl is showing you something here - on the Sidewalk - in Southeast Portland. 
I have always wanted to see one, find  one, on my own.
And one of my last weekends, I did.
And, ok, I squealed, loudly, and jumped out of the car.

It's a horse ring from a million years ago.
Ride your horse to town.
Tie it up.
Blessed be.

Thank you, lab ladies, for all of your company this weekend.
Thank you, B., for hosting a weekend full of lab goodness, lightness and thank you, even, for the Naughty.
I wonder what my life would be like without you in it.
Good thing I don't have to know.

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  1. Andrea on June 4, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    Love this - all of it - and a horse ring? How cool is that!


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