Our dog did not behave like a rabid, demented animal during her 2nd puppy class (and because this post has been in draft form for a few weeks, she has actually had 4 total by now).   No barking.  Just a little whining. 

Sitting, laying down, walking on the leash?

Whatevs.  (I actually hate that word.  The only person I've ever really believed got away with saying that well is my 7 year old nephew, Michael.  He also says "totes."  As in, Rosie is "totes adorbs."  I sometimes have no idea what Michael is talking about, which makes me feel old.)

Anyway.  She had it down.  Still wanted to flirt and make googly eyes at the huge Malamute named Pufferbelly, but definitely improved.  Lots and lots of pats and loves for that.

She does love those pats and loves.

Want to know a secret?

This post isn't actually about Rosie.  But it was a good non sequitur.

I'm changing positions in my agency.  I had originally applied to be a child and family therapist at a time when the agency had openings for both the child & adult position.  The other top applicant stated she would only work with kids.  I was not in a place to be so picky.  I've enjoyed the last 6 months as an adult therapist.  I've appreciated the insight oriented conversations, witnessing change, and not having to keep sharp objects locked up in cabinets.

(Well ... the sharp objects one is context specific, I suppose ...)
And as much as I've appreciated working with the adults, I cannot wait (read:  canNOT WAIT) to get back to working with kids.  Because our agency is so small, I actually have a couple of kids on my caseload right now.  And you know what?

Right.  I love them.

The transition should happen mid February.   Very positive conversations with my clinical supervisor re: my role in the agency.  I've been unpacking my art supplies, my miniature toys for the sand tray I'm going to make, and hunting down used puppets.  (LOVE using puppets in therapy with kids.) 
To end this horribly written, random post, I'd like to tell you, as well, that one of my child clients has discovered a wormhole behind a dumpster near his home.  This is serious.  If you throw a rock into the wormhole, be careful.  It will come back to hit you in the back of your own head.

I know.  Creepy.  If you visit E. Washington, be sure to let me know so I can tell you which dumpster to steer clear from.


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  1. Andrea on February 6, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    SO excited for you! Working with kids is the *best* (in my biased opinion), their randomness keeps life on the lighter side ;)


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