Lives will be saved, literally and figuratively.
Lives will be lost, literally and figuratively.
Social workers will stumble upon creative solutions to impossible situations.
Social workers will be stumped and will have no idea what to do next.
Clients will show up on time for their appointments and be motivated to work to change.
Clients will no show.  Maybe it isn't time for their season of change yet.
There will be slow afternoons.
There will be afternoons where you don't get a bathroom break.
Social workers might get hugs from little ones.
Social workers might get kicked by little ones.

This week in social work, I will be officially starting my new position in the agency as a child and family therapist.  That's new to the agency, but not necessarily new to me.  I've done this before.  I've loved this before.

I love it now.

I will go to work tomorrow, clean up my adult client's files, take a precursory look at my new kid files, and then head North for 3 days of training (a state required clinical training in how to work with sexual assault victims).  That's a lot of heavy stuff during the day.  It will get to be a little much, I'm sure.  It usually does.  But I will not be in the office.  Not be running around.  Not responding to the ER to evaluate people for involuntary detainment.  It's a break.  A break listening to the effects of sexual trauma, but a break none the less.

I will also miss Rosie's last day of puppy training, but Shoes will do a good job of holding down the fort.  He always does.

And then, another weekend.

And then, bring on the kid therapy.
I'm so ready.

(footnote:  I was in therapy for a year and a half after a very sad divorce.  truthfully, i don't remember much of those early days of therapy because i was just trying to get up, go to work, not react to people when they told me divorce was a major sin against God and not fall apart.  those are actually signs of emotional trauma - the not remembering.  however, i very clearly remember the day my therapist asked me, "where do you go from here, lisa?  what do you want to do?  where do you feel most alive?" and i said, "when i'm working with kids at my job and at church."  and it was like God put a firm foundation under my feet immediately and said, "start working on this kid, we've got work to do."  my head cleared and my heart actually started to feel a sense of light and purpose and direction.  so i applied to graduate school, moved away and specialized in kid therapy.    i am almost 5 years past that day in my therapist's office.  it is no small secret i adore the life i've been given now.)

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  1. Andrea on February 18, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    I *love* this. And you. Your openness too, in sharing those forgetful, fresh-pain days, and where God has led you now. What a beautiful, redemptive journey. So excited for your new position, and that it fits so well with your heart. xo


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