Shoes does not understand my work schedule.  (I don't understand my work schedule either).  I've done all I can do in scheduling this summer - and somehow we scheduled out until the middle of September.

Amazing.  Summer slips away.
It's a sweet slipping, though.  We are so very much enjoying our life together.
Rosie is enjoying it, too.

But it's busy.  Yes.  And I've written everything down on our family calendar, which Shoes forgets to check. I've verbally repeated our summer schedule so many times I can tell you exactly what we're doing, without thinking, for the next 10 weekends.

What a talent.

Shoes and I were talking about the next two weeks, and he said, "Why can't I get your schedule down?  Why is it so confusing?"  And I said, "Because I work when my clients need me.  Some weekends, some evenings, some early mornings, and then maybe 4 days off."

Then Shoes asked what this next week was like for me and I said, "You know, normal.  This is a normal week."  And Shoes said,

"So you're going to work at 2 am on Monday and then you'll work to 7 pm and then go to work again at 8 pm and then you have to drive a client out to Tukwila  for a jumping jack contest and then you have to deliver a baby  and then you have to clean up dog feces and then you have to write a report that you have to present all formally to your team and then you have to create a feelings thermometer with a 6 year old and then you have like all week off."

That is sometimes how it feels.
By the way, I do not cover Tukwila, but Tukwila is very fun to say.
I do sometimes help clients clean up after pets.

I have never been to a jumping jack contest.
I wonder  if there is such a thing.

Two thumbs up for social work.
And summer.  Two thumbs up for summer.

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  1. Andrea on July 8, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    Chuckling over here...

    We have the same calendar issue. It's there, just not referred to by the male species.

    Two thumbs up for summer indeed, and may you enjoy every minute of 'normalcy' ;)

    {p.s. a Jumping Jack Contest sounds like a whole lot of fun!}


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