Rosie and I had our first official training day visit to my office up north today.  I should have gotten a picture, but too many confidentiality concerns in the room.

Well.  We kind of had an official visit.  It was to group supervision and it was great exposure to a group of people.  No clients.

I really don't think we're ready for clients quite yet...

You guys, she was amazing.  Relatively calm, good manners, charming as could be.  It is about an hour and a half drive to the city office, and the entire way there, all (literally.  All.) of the things that could go wrong ran through my mind.  

Extreme hyperactivity / excessive whining / barking / she could have an accident on the carpet / she would be too disruptive ...

And what did she do?
She received pets, smiled, wagged her tail, did not have an accident and fell asleep.

Remember, this is the same dog who was banned from the groomer for several months because she had "too much energy."

But she was a love.  
And I was relieved.
And now that I know she is capable, we have more things to try.

She's been asleep since we got home at 3:00.  I have no doubt it was exhausting for her to be so well mannered.

And now, a picture from yesterday, when we had a play date with her dog best friend, Mason.

Retriever Power.

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  1. Andrea on November 28, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    Yay Rosie! What a great opportunity for her gentle, sweet side to shine. Hope that it continues to show when you need it to :)


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