Rosie has her last basic obedience class next Tuesday.  It's a big one guys.  This is the class where we find out if she can go on to take the Good Canine Citizen class (a critical step in her therapy dog training).  Fingers crossed.  This week is akin to university dead week for us, and Shoes and I are asking her to so a variety of recall tasks before she does anything:  receives food, goes outside, gets playtime ... 

This is the part, though, where I tell you about last week's class.  Rosie Darling, consistently, has been a model student in class.  (That might have something to do with the fact that this is her second round for this class....)

Denise, our dog teacher, is overall very pleased with Rosie's progress.  Rosie adores Denise and has an inordinately difficult time paying attention when Deniae is around.  Last week, however...

We were practicing recall: putting the dog in a sit, giving a "wait" command, walking away, waiting a few seconds, and then calling the dog.  You guys.  Rosie can do this in her sleep ... And has done this successfully several times in class, despite all of the distractions.  But last week?

She sat.  She waited.  And then at her "come" command, she went nuts.  As in: she doggie smiled, with teeth!, jumped on Denise, ran over to Assistant Linda, jumped on her, ran over to the counter, stole some of Denise's treats, and then ran around to the other owners and dogs, doggie smiling, tail wagging, super charged with Golden Retriever energy.

It happened quickly.  I've never seen anything quite like it.  

She received a short time out for that awesome display of naughty.  But here's what's also true:  we all laughed.  It was naughty, but it was also so her:  full of love, life, mischief.  Even Denise laughed.

Here's hoping that next week, of all weeks, is free of naughty.  We *really* need to pass this class.  To close, here's a small iPhone picture dump of my favorite rascal.  (The last pic is from Halloween.)

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  1. Andrea on December 9, 2013 at 7:37 AM

    Love it (especially the Halloween picture - awesome costume!) Hope all goes well tomorrow - you can do it Rosie!


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