Sometimes when people are trying to start their family, it seems like everybody around them experiences the success they so ardently hope for.

Seriously.  If you're trying to conceive, be my friend.  You will turn into a powerhouse of a baby maker.  This week alone, two of my dearest friends and two of the interns at work announced their happy news.

Now mind you; in this next part, both things are true.  
1:  I am genuinely elated for these sweet souls.  They will be truly amazing parents.
2:  I can't help but me reminded of my own current misadventures, which honestly brings a bit of grief.  I am no less happy for my friends.  I am no less in grief for myself.

I was sharing this last night with Shoes as he read the paper.  He looked up at me over his glasses and said,  "It sounds like you hear the old western music when the two gunslingers arrive in town and meet at high noon coming from your body."

"Think of it more like a Carpenter's song.  That's what it's singing."

(A little speechless then to hear my pragmatist husband talking about ... My uterus' soundtrack?)

When I asked him what Carpenter's song, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't even know.  This conversation is weird enough."

Indeed it was.  Shoes is one of the most logical, level headed people I know.  I don't think our close non internet friends would believe he was talking about the song of my uterus.

I did a quick google search and this is the first Carpenter's song to come up.  Well.   At least it's better than "The good, the bad and the ugly."

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  1. Andrea on September 17, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    I hear ya! I may have snorted while laughing at the idea of a uterus soundtrack - that is hilarious (and possibly accurate? I can identify). You can bet the next time I hear a pregnancy announcement I will think of this.


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