You know ...
one of those fall days when all pieces fit together and it's peaceful and fulfilling and quiet.
Nothing even really happened worth note.

Shoes took The Rosie on a morning walk, in which she met a 10year old friend, who gave her loves and pets.  And then The Rosie, because she is our sweet natured Rosie, slowly closed her eyes, tipped back onto her hindquarters, smiled and gave the 10year old a hug.
Rosie gives amazing hugs.

We walked to the University for the game.
And met up with dear friends, where, I must admit, the other wife and I hugged each other and shared tears and love about the difficulty of having children and adoption possibilities.
We watched our Hot Mess of fellow Season Ticket Holder Howie (we always end up sitting in Howie's section every year) take his shirt off and almost get asked to leave the game.
Oh, Howie.

On the way home, Shoes and I walked slowly, holding each other carefully.
And spoke softly about our jobs and our dog and how much we truly love our life.
We also talked about Title IX, as we are wont to do after football games, debating good naturedly and sometimes heatedly with laughter and choice words and you know what?  I am so grateful for him.

Today, I'm trying to stay centered in today.  In this.  In right now.
What my brain would like to do is jump to tomorrow and the next day and next week (I am a little intimidated by next week's schedule and the level of crises some of my families are going through right now ...)
But that doesn't help.
And it takes away from the fact that Rosie is snoozing (and snoring) peacefully on my feet.  It takes away from the afternoon plans Shoes and I have.   It even takes away from my own small pleasure of planning our weekly meals and meandering slowly through the grocery store.

This staying present is one of the hardest things, you guys.  Turns out I am really terrible at it.
But it also turns out that I am a more gentle, loving and calm person when I'm practicing at it.
Funny how that works.


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