O, it feels like it might almost be Spring.

I’m not sure.

I’ve never been awake during the day during Spring here … this is the first year I’ve lived here that I haven’t been working graveyards at this time. It feels like a somewhat tedious process though, this winter becoming spring … a few false starts, some teasingly warm days, but more blustery, rainy days.

I’m still wearing my long johns, ski jacket and ski hat during disc golf on Saturday mornings. The space heater still runs full time in my apartment. And I know for sure Spring isn’t here entirely yet because I’m not wearing my Spring shoes yet.

But the daffodils have triumphed. And the tulips are making a run for it (these guys were actually awake this morning).

And if I'm not too far off, I think the grape vines are sleepily getting up to the season as well.

This week was a difficult one at work, but in a strangle, parallel world where parents are not always loving (a misnomer) to their children, and service agencies face huge liabilities and have so much at stake, and everyone involved has such high emotions running … I expect nothing less. (But do get so tired, sometimes, at the end of A Very Long Week.)

Which is why I do play disc golf on Saturday mornings with the boys from church (they are gracious gentlemen. I never throw to par. This can make the game take awhile.). And why I am writing this. And why I am about to go paint old picture frames.

I have a master plan to actually decorate my bedroom. Courage just arrived on my heart’s scene and now I feel like I can try some things … without the fear of failure. I need some picture frames. I need some pictures of green growing things. I need a little more organization.

I’ll get back to you about that.

Here’s to a better week – one with grace, less sweaters, thoughts of Farmer’s Market opening in the next couple of months and finding the perfect bottle of cabernet sauvignon to send to my sister in Hawaii. She must know she’s loved. Shipping wine takes … a pretty penny. Next weekend my littlest sister, who is newly eleven, will be in town to visit. She is a pretty, spunky, amazingly smart, funny girl.

I’m sure she gets it from me. ;)

Also this weekend, a spirited fundraiser where the best of friends got together to eat some amazing Mediterranean food, to the point of over indulgence, and laugh deeply.

Here we are dancing.

Here we are being young.

And here are the people I live with. Upstairs roommates.

Here we are being happy.


  1. Sarah's Blog on April 7, 2008 at 1:40 PM

    Hey! I didn't know you had a blog.. and I love that you do. You can definately add me to your list.
    also.. if u vote for Malaika you are voting for me, because she will be getting clothes with the money..hehe
    Hope you are doing good

  2. meg on April 10, 2008 at 3:38 PM

    Sounds like you are right behind us- we were enjoying the tulips & daffs just before vacation, & now the grapevine in back is sporting a dozen 6" canes with leaves.
    Glad to hear & see you laughing, dancing, & being young- you deserve it.

  3. Jorge on April 13, 2008 at 2:02 PM

    Love to see those smiles! No matter how I feel, if I can make my mouth smile, the rest of me seems to somehow follow :-)Be well,


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