Drumroll, please. Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to my littlest sister ...

This is Hannah.

And yes, she should look that young ~ there are 18 years between us. There are also currently 9 hours between us, as she and her mom live many miles away. But my spunky sister Hannah and her equally spunky mom, Kate, came up this weekend to visit. It's been six or seven, years, I think, since I've seen them, although we do phone calls and lots of emails.

We met in Cowboy Town in rural Eastern Oregon (a Little Ways from where I live) and we caught up news and school and ice skating (she's a pro!) and hugs ~ lots of hugs. Hannah had never been to the Cowboy Town, and it was a wonderfully family friendly day for her to visit. Not every day is a family friendly day in this rough and tumble Cowboy Town. For no reason that I could see, other than that it is Cowboy Town, they had horse and cow day on Main Street.

Hannah is a Horse Whisperer as well as a professional figure skater, and she loved conversing with the animals.

It did add a festive feel to the day. Almost like when the Rodeo comes to town, only more ... family friendly. (It may be the largest rodeo in the nation, but it is just not as family friendly as I would like to believe it might be.)

So after the horse petting and the antique shopping and the lunching, we toured Cowboy Town's early century underground life, where speakeasies and Chinese opium dens and saloons once thrived. Fascinating.

Some parts of the tour were a little, um, re-created, but interesting none the less.

70 miles of underground tunnels run beneath Cowboy Town, although most are long blocked off. The no chinese above ground after dark rule ended in early 1900 (thank goodness) and in 1953, Cowboy Town officially closed all of its brothels. (Then they all came up to Tiny Little Vineyard Town where I live. Sigh.)

Cowboy Town Mayor bricked over the entrance to this brothel ... and left almost every artifact intact inside. Tsk, tsk, Mayor. You can't Cover Up something and pretend it never existed!

I think Hannah liked the tour ~ she's a brave one. She's also extremely articulate and smart ~ her brain is also working. My relationship with her is a funny one with no legal ties, but lots of genetic links. Again and again in my life, I'm finding that, despite bloodlines, we choose our family. I'd choose Kate & Hannah any day.

Hannah also chose this guy. Silly girl.

In the Scheduling of the Family Visits, I'll probably visit Kate & Hannah at their home in the summer ~ before the trip to see my sister Cheryl in Hawaii and before the Family Reunion over Labor Day. Each visit brings a set of new faces, and usually, none of the faces are related to each other.

But, I don't mind.


  1. Fairlightday on April 14, 2008 at 10:36 AM

    It sounds like you guys had a lovely visit together. She looks very much like you Lisa. :)
    I like the age thing. I have siblings from age 50 something all the way down to 13. What can I say? We're an american family.

  2. Jungle Mama on April 15, 2008 at 12:34 AM

    This is such a sweet entry. I also find that the family I have chosen is now spread in equal distances in so many directions from me, but I will love them the same and hug them the more each chance I get to see them.

  3. Jorge on April 15, 2008 at 2:48 PM

    Sounds like you had fun together :-) Be well,

  4. t i m on April 17, 2008 at 4:51 PM

    So this is where you're hiding @ nowadays. :) I've kind of neglected my blogging duties for some time now, maybe one day I'll get the bug again.

    I've got family scattered in different parts of the world so its probably about time I caught up with some of them again.

    Anywho now that I've got the address to this place I shall drop by again soon.

    Take care. ;)


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