You get serious about God and He gets serious about you.

Ok, maybe I've misspoken. He's always serious about us.

One of my favorite things about God? He's not afraid of my questions. The more challenging, the better.

One of my other favorite things about God? The mystery.

My dear friend Angela is a campus pastor (maybe that is not her exact title, but it is part of what she does) at an engaging, intellectual, question-asking college campus in the Vineyard Town. We were having a delicious little chat this afternoon and my Facebook Fast / Social Justice / Jesus ponderings came up. She said, "Not like you don't have anything else to read (o, Jesus help me ... of course I do ...), but you need to read Shane Claiborne."

Ang thinks about these things. Her students think about these things. Her husband thinks about these things. Her friends think about these things. She has an adorable 12 month old, and I'm pretty sure she thinks about these things too.

God may want to answer the questions we have.

I googled Shane Claiborne. I've ordered one of the books. I'm waiting.

What does it look like to step outside ourselves and really, truly, without reservation, love the people we're around?

I recommend looking here, and here, and here. The last one I threw in there for you public radio listeners.

I have some things to chew over. Lent is gradually coming to a close and I will not have all the answers I think I want.

I am looking forward to the final Lent posting. I have some things to share. Some of them make me looking pretty darn shallow, immature and full of hubris. Fun times. Stay tuned.


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