Where the cuss words is the year going? Halloween already??

I spent quite a few years purposefully not observing Halloween at all, and I was ok with that.  As an adult, however, who is not purposefully not "celebrating" Halloween, I'm beginning to notice all of the fabulous costume options being marketed to me.

It's like a whole new world.  I can be a witch ... or even better, I can be a sexy witch!  I could be a nurse ... or even better, a sexy nurse!  Or a sexy policewoman!  Or a sexy pirate!

Or, I could also be .... a sexy Tootsie Roll!  What!  Nobody ever told me about this before!

Sexy Tootsie Costume

This will be so attractive on me.  You have no idea.  Totally appropriate for a children's therapist to wear (I might even wear it to the outpatient clinic on Monday!) and Oh. So. Comfortable.

And these silly people at the Huffington Post?  So uninformed.  Take a look at this crazy article.  I mean, whatever.  Just because so many costumes sold in stores are hypersexualized does not mean, in any way, that women are objectified in our society.  I mean, if I want a non sexy costume, I'll probably have to make it myself, but the absence of tamer costume options in stores doesn't mean that society thinks women should act or look a certain way.  (But who wants a non sexy costume?   I know I'm a little new to the Halloween game, but I can tell from print images how I'm supposed to look!)

And the image below?  This lady is totally NOT supposed to look like a sexualized girl scout.  No.  It is so stinking normal for the little darlings who sell you Thin Mints outside of Safeway to look like sex kittens.  That's not a confusing message at all.  And I'm sure the little darlings who are selling Thin Mints outside of Safeway aren't confused about it either!!  Silly.  They're SAVING their girl scout money so they can wear these costumes when they grow up!  (Or when they're in high school - either way!)

I sure am glad that I get to partake in Halloween this year.  Now, if I could only figure out how to make a sexy Gollum costume, I will be all set.....


... because you can make anything sexy!!

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  1. Fiona on October 25, 2011 at 12:59 PM

    Love this!

    I've had a couple of work fancy dress occasions and oh my gosh is it hard to find a non sexy costume for anything other than pepper pig.

    everything has to be sexed up these days, frikkin ridiculous. I vagualy remember costumes when I was younger involving cardboard boxes ,tin foil and funky coloured tights that could be doubled up as safety gear they were so thick...


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