It's Sunday.  It's Sunday and I'm sitting here in my little kitchen.  I've just cleaned my tiny apartment and I'm about ready to get my things ready for school tomorrow.

I'm sulking, I think. After what was a very lovely lunch with my amazing goddaughter and her amazing parents, Shoes left early because he has legitimate, serious things to take care of at home.  After three years, I would think that the leaving and the distance and the schedules would get easier.  It's never gotten easier.  But what am I complaining about?   That I have an amazing, loving partner who's entirely supportive of my graduate school endeavors, despite the fact that I moved four hours away?

Some complaint.

Shoes and I spent the weekend working on wedding things.  Finalizing attendant lists, working on the website, looking for invitations.  Doing some precursory thinking about our registry.  (Shoes would like to register for a house.  And a puppy.)

Tomorrow marks day 1 of my last Winter term.  In total, there are 20 weeks left of school for me.  Tomorrow, the chaos that is school, research, my job and my internship starts over again.  I'm determined, however, to not let it own me like it owned me last time.  With a term of this "final year" business under my belt, maybe I'll succeed in taking back control and Occupy Graduate School.

The year looms large, and although I can't see it's actual form, it's shadow precedes it everywhere....

I hope it's a friendly sort of giant.

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  1. BreAnna on January 9, 2012 at 11:51 PM

    I have a feeling that things will work out for you. And Shoes. And me. And my Mr. I think we are all going to be just fine. :) We can survive the 159 (in a few minutes 158!) days until graduation. And the rest will work itself out too.
    Shoe's registry items cracked me up. I hope he gets the puppy at the very least.


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