Can anyone else explain the mysterious workings of the twin mind? 
Of course, I don't believe that we are who the stars say we are.  Most days.

Shoes and I are grappling with some Very Big Decisions right now.  Decisions and choices I am aching to tell you about, but can't.  At least for several more days.  The past month has left us quizzical, exhilarated, dumbfounded, frustrated, joyful.

It has left me cursing the Stars that made my Shoes a Gemini.

I'm a planner.  I hate the not knowing - the time directly before a big decision is made.  The change, the transition, the upheaval that comes right after the decision is made ... I'm completely ok with that.  

I'm good at that.

Shoes, however, doesn't mind the time right before the decision is made.  He is careful and analytic.  But o, the careful weighing and measuring of every option we have is agonizing.  And the yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

Stars, a pox upon your household.  (Or, as Shakespeare originally wrote, and it seems to fit this twin mind phenomenon perfectly, a plague o' both your households...)

I'm sure getting some good use out of this year's resolution to just be and concentrate on who I can be during times of crazy.


  1. Willow on January 30, 2012 at 8:28 AM

    My X was a Gemini, and my son is a Gemini. Very artistic minds that think very differently from how I think, which in many ways brought good challenge to my linear ways. I helped organize them and they helped me let go of some of the "object control" I tend to spin into under stress. So while it's challenging, those opposing forces can be really good for teaching us linears to let it go once in a while. I'm a Taurus...can't get more stubborn and orderly than that.

    Making a decision in a store while shopping...or off a menu before eating...I remember those as long processes...where I just BLAMO...decide. And there were other factors at play besides stars and birth signs but mood lability was more perplexing and troublesome...I never knew when the switch would get flipped. Neither one seemed very good with attachments to things or people...always willing to drop it all and move on.

    You will teach each other much, and it will be good.

  2. Lisa on January 30, 2012 at 10:15 PM

    I BLAMO ... decision made! a lot too. A Taurus? Is that an April birthday? I'll have to look that up...


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