... a girl, like me, who walks by herself across campus at 9:30 pm several times a week, starts to get a little concerned about her safety.  And a girl, like me, who is a social worker, knows what kind of crazy trouble people find themselves in.  And a girl, like me, has no, NONE, excuse not to safety plan a little.  And a girl, like me, who has a deputy prosecuting attorney for a partner, hears irritated words from partner because partner is genuinely concerned for my safety.  And a girl, like me, who has many good social work student friends, hears many admonishments about safety every time we have class.

So this week, I swallowed my pride and called Campus Safety when I got off the bus for an escort across campus. These nasty little nagging voices kept saying, "Soft!  You're soft!  You know how to hurt people and take people down using a side arm bar takedown and now you're all city soft!"  And to make things worse?

The security officer was female.

But the true icing on the cake?

Apparently, it's common practice for PSU Public Safety (oooh, I hope that shows up in a search engine now) to put a girl like me, who  just needs an escort, in the back of the Campus PD car and drive alllll the way around campus to where I need to be.

A little mini parade!  For all to see!  In the BACK of the PD CAR  Behind the gate.  On the plastic seat.  With no handle inside because you can't get out until they let you out.

 And then maybe it's common practice (or maybe it was just my lucky day) for the driver of the car (2 officers!) to go as fast as possible around corners.  Turns out they're a little bored at night.    I can hear you say it now:  "Isn't a little humiliation worth your safety?"


I'm going to the running supply store tomorrow to buy pepper spray, and if I can't find any, I'll buy the bear mace at REI the employee did his best to persuade me NOT to buy.  I don't need to be the central figure in any more Campus PD parades.

(Shoes isn't pleased with my re-found independence.)


  1. Anonymous on January 20, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    you seem to be fully aware of all of the pros/cons and are making an informed choice. How 'bout Bear Mace in one hand and a personal taser device in the other...keep all else in a back pack so you can have those in your hands....blue tooth on speed dial...um...golf shoes with cleats...the possibilities are endless. I bow to your bravery. You go girl.

  2. Lisa on January 20, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    @Willow: I've heard the bear mace comes in a can the size of small fire extinguisher. Or maybe that was Shoes trying to dissuade me. Either way, I concentrate on giving out the, "You really don't want to mess with me vibes" when I travel. And they really don't. (Insert mean face here.)

  3. Anonymous on January 22, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    This gave me a good laugh... mostly because I was trying to envision you in the back of that car attempting to keep a sweet smile on your face! Too funny!


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