1.  I regret that I cannot invite all the people I've been close to in the past 10 years to my wedding.  Living in 3 towns and 2 states over the past 6 years has afforded me the opportunity to form lovely, amazingly authentic relationships.  I am also marrying a man who has a large blended family ... just like mine.  150 - Family = not so many extra spots. I really do regret this and sometimes the line that Shoes and I drew was rather, well, arbitrary ....

2.  I regret that I am not going to be able to take as many Bollywood dancing lessons as I would like before I move away from Portland.  You read that correctly and oh so many more pictures to come ....

3.  I regret that I took the Portland Underground Walking Tour.  Tourist tip #1: It's all above ground!  Tourist Tip #2:  No Tunnels!

4.  (This is the best one of all).  My wedding RSVP card says "Accepts" and "Regrets".  My friend, B.'s husband, the Mr., upon receiving their invitation, states, after accepting the invitation, he is also going to check regrets and write in, "I regret never riding on a barge.  Never fully appreciating Georgia O'Keefe's finer subtleties.  Never petting half the dogs I see in public.  Not smoking weed."

Anything innocent (or not so innocent - we can go there, sure)  you regret doing or not doing?  I'm so, so curious ....

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  1. BreAnna on June 3, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    I love that you edited The Mr's list to be accurate. ;) He's kind of proud of the fact that he is a Portlander who has never partaken in certain things that most Portlanders do.
    I regret that we haven't taken a Bollywood dancing class together!


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