I usually just say no.  I mean, it's a good natured, good humored, realize my own limitations, would rather pay for things I like on Etsy, am in awe of those who can, just say no.

Obviously, then, the most natural thing for me to do when planning my wedding to Shoes was to  implement several DIY projects.  Well.  Maybe not several.  Maybe more like a few.  Maybe like no more than three.

Oh, but that's more than enough for me.

Just like 50 gazillion brides out there right now, we're having a farm vintage wedding.  Right, I know.  It's been done.  But.  Anybody who knows me knows my love for history and antiques.  And with our wedding set in the middle of the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse, there was no better setting/theme for me.

Because I don't craft, I also can't explain what I'm doing.

But I'm going to try.

Humor me.  I don't have any 8 year olds with PTSD or any depressive/suicidal 15 year olds to provide therapy to.  I have to spend my time somewhow.  (Besides this I also watch a lot of MSNBC and read The Nation.  I look for a job every day.   I get ready for Puppy.)

Lots of Burlap, lots of lace, lots of Mason Jars at the wedding.   And then I found this antique suitcase I wanted to use for people to put cards in.  So, logically, I had to make a banner that reads, "CARDS."  Right?  Because how else would people know to put their cards there?

Indulge  me.

Problem:  I had no idea where to begin.  So I went to the local scrapbook store, where the uber patient saleslady spent almost 45 minutes with me.

Here's a little hint of how it turned out (for absolutely no good reason, I don't feel like giving all of my cards away just yet!):

And here's the breakdown:

1.  Chipboard pennants.  I didn't even know they made these things pre-cut.  (I know nothing about crafting.)

2.  Paper.  I traced the chipboard out on the back of the paper and glued it on with a gluestick and alternated between these 2 patterns:

3.  Cutouts for the letters to be glued on to.  I spent $18 on the cutout thingie.  Looking back, I wish I would have just used the scrapbook store's.  Because I don't craft, Good Lord knows when I'll use it again!

4.  Cardboard Letters.  Also pre-cut and pre-packaged.  (Seriously.  Who knew?).  I painted them a lovely Marigold color with acrylic paint, which I actually had to go to Michael's for.  (This was an all morning kind of project.  Good thing I have that kind of time now ...)

5. And then I glued them one on top of the other.  Bam, bam, bam.  And added a little bit of lace at the bottom:

6.  A little bit of jute running through the top adds a little extra farm feel.  And again, the finished project:

Don't tell anybody, but I actually had fun doing this banner.  And, of course, felt like a genius afterwards.  That said, however, I'm only going to do two more posts like these, I think.  One on the terror that is painting canning jars to look like the vintage blue real deal (because at $15 a pop for the real vintage jars, I decided to spend our wedding budget on other things.  Like a prime rib station.).  The other will be the journey that is re-furbishing used windows to paint the wedding program on (already off to a rocky, glass shattering start).

Now, Shoes and I are off to hit golf balls at the driving range.  I plan on talking to him about writing our own vows.

Wish me luck ...

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  1. Andrea on July 16, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    I know Farm Vintage weddings have been done but I get overly excited about each and every one I see! And no-one will have done it quite like you! The banner looks amazing and I can't wait to hear about your painting jars and refurbishing windows adventure. Hope everything went well with the vow-writing conversation ;)


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