As in, mine quit.  My body quit. 
Well, kind of. 
I mean, my heart's still beating and I'm still breathing air.
Finishing school/job/internship to graduating to moving to getting ready for the wedding to frantic getting ready for Puppy are not restful activities.  They are not restful activities and they have continued well into my "summer vacation."

Which is confusing, because I initially thought I was resting.  I mean, I wasn't staying up until 1 and getting up at 6.  I wasn't rushing around the city at all hours of the day and night.  I wasn't fretting over human development theory and my counseling orientation or wrestling over appropriate diagnosis for my mental health assessments.

However, yesterday morning, I very innocently rolled over in bed, just like I have a million, zillion times before.

Only this time, something Very Bad happened.  My entire upper back twinged in the sharpest pain I can imagine, a pain so bad it felt like someone had kicked me as hard as he could in my stomach.  It took my breath away and the pain was so severe I ended up throwing up.  (Guess you didn't really need to know that last part).

And then I froze.

Like the hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Oh, how I wish I was kidding.  I managed to scoot my phone over to my feet to text Shoes to come home at lunch.  He had to help me put clothes on because I couldn't reach my arms over my head.
Shoes, despite all of his giftings, is very, very  bad at changing other people's clothes.  He better get some practice before we have a miniature human.

I spent 2 entire days in bed, moving very slowly and awkwardly because no matter what I did, it hurt.  It spasmed.  Nothing helped.   Luckily, since we're living with Shoes' mother in the Monster House, I've had her help, and oh my.  I didn't realize how much having help ... helps.  She's been helping me move around, helping me eat.   I don't know what I would have done without her, especially since Shoes left town on short notice for a day long meeting in Seattle.  What would this have been like if I was living on my own in the studio apartment in P Town?

It's getting a little better.  I can now sit up to type and I actually took a shower this evening.  It has to, has to, has to, has to get better by Monday though.  I have a frozen yogurt date with an old, old friend who lives nearby in Idaho and we have major giggling to accomplish.  Mom in law and I have to pick up Puppy on Tuesday.  !!.  Puppy has her first doctor's appointment Wednesday afternoon at the vet school.

And I have my first Master's level job interview for a child and family therapist in a separate town nearby Wednesday afternoon.

So body, I'll give you what you're demanding right now.  I'll try to take it easy.  I'll take lots of extra naps.  I'll spend extra time in the hot tub.  But.  You gotta' cooperate with me.  I'm getting married in 22 days.  This stuff's just not slowing down.  But I'll try to respect you a little more.

Now, in a random, nonsensical way to end this post, here's the latest picture of Puppy from the breeder, because it makes me happy:

She seriously makes me happy.


  1. Andrea on July 28, 2012 at 10:31 AM

    Ah! You poor dear! So glad you have Shoes' mom there with you. Praying for that back to behave for your frozen yogurt date and your job interview! Just three more days until puppy cuddles - yay! Until then, rest up and take it easy ;)

  2. Elizabeth on July 28, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    Did you go to the doctor or a chiropractor cause it sounds like they might be able to offer you a little bit of relief or a way to get relief like a simple exercise or something. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly, but you do deserve extra naps and help because you have been doing too much! But please see a doctor if you haven't already. One the specializes in backs. :0) Much luck to you with puppy and job interviews are good. Love you.

  3. BreAnna on July 29, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    I hope your body heals ASAP! I'm glad that Shoes and his mom are able to help. Also if this had happened in your studio in P-town you know I would totally come change your clothes for you. That's what friends are for. ;)
    Good luck on your interview and have so much fun loving on that adorable puppy.


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