So I searched for something lighter for this week.  Something stupid and pointless and lighthearted.  And besides Rosie's weekly (daily) antics, I came up short.  I mean, I laughed a lot this week.  Had lots of lovely client moments.  But couldn't come up with something super amazing to share.

So I decided to do some maintenance on the blog instead.

List to the right - "I visit here often" is about to be updated.  I know.  You were just WAITING for that! Listen up:

1.  Katelyn.  Katelyn has a new blog; the new blog is no longer private.   It's worth your time.  I'm not just saying this because she's been my friend forever and forever; Katelyn has a writer's heart.  The precise word, the exact imagery, the use of irony and metaphor ... I feel comfortable saying (because I'm the expert on everything, obviously) that Katelyn is bound for big things in the writing world.

2.  Gweenbrick. I find Gweenbrick's writing beyond humble and honest and clear and hilarious.  As I'm writing this, I'm having trouble finding a precise way to describe how his blog hits me.  I just appreciate his transparency and the way he knits together his fabulous writing and his creative illustrations.

3.  Andrea at take joy.  Oh my word.  What a loving, sweet, genuine soul.  Her story is beyond inspiring (I kind of wish she could come give inspirational talks to my clients( (I haven't told her that yet, though).  I also adore the lovelies she creates and has available in her etsy shop... I don't have that type of creativity and I'm in awe of her ability ....

4.  socialworkingmom.  There's just something about this lady's writing I find I connect with.  Of course, the obvious connection is the social work.  And how difficult being in a social work agency can be.  But she just does such a fabulous job of committing to Bikram Yoga and seems to understand what balance is for her.  (Do you know how hard it is for counselors, cops, social workers, etc. to find balance?  We have such crisis driven careers.  Some of us (cough - me) are always de facto on call.)

5.  Words From Willow.  Willow is a dear hearted soul and a comrade from my first days in the field.  And now (although she's been doing it for awhile) she's blogging!  Lots of reviews, as well as her love and courage in raising a son with specific needs and details about her travelling adventures.

5.  Dog Shaming.  This is not a blog.  It is a tumblr site that was pointed out to me by one of my dearest friends in my graduate program (who is also a major dog lover; however, his dog training skills are light years ahead of mine).  I swear to goodness, this site helps keep me sane.  I will not admit how many times I briefly check in on it during the day.  I will admit how much better it makes me feel about Rose's behaviors.  It's like ... my own little doggie support group.  It normalizes my feelings.  See?  Therapeutic benefit!!

Now.  Off to get that monthly massage for the shoulder pain and to work on more wedding thank you cards.  Will those ever be complete?  We had a super tiny wedding and I still haven't finished them all....

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  1. Andrea on October 12, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    What a great way to introduce people & their blogs! I enjoyed stopping by each one. Totally blushing at your little shout out, and I may just borrow this idea of yours one day! Oh, and Dog Shaming... love it.


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