Using the blogger app on my phone means I can't check to see if I spelled existential correctly.

First world problems.

I'm sitting here outside the house Shoes and I are dying to make an offer on, waiting for the house inspector. Why, you ask, are we paying for a house inspection before making an initial offer?

It's a long story. So, I'll skip it.

We really love this house. Big love. I hope it works out. If it doesn't though, what is, is. And we're ok with that.

The main point I have is... In one year how did we go from long distance, me in grad school, to graduating, moving to the same town, getting a dog, getting married ... And now we're trying to buy a house?

Am I old enough to buy a house?

6 months ago I was living in a studio apartment in an area of Portland I loved, working as a research assistant in psychiatry at OHSU, completing a great internship and wondering what in the world my life was going to look like.

So this, for now, is what my life looks like.

What a strange year.

Is it just me or does life seem like it's starting to move very, very quickly?

In other household news, Rosie gave up her womanly parts and is now wearing a cone of shame, which she finds unbearable. If you ask me, she's being just a touch dramatic, trying to kill us with those sad eyes...

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  1. Willow on October 19, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    poor Rosie in the cone of shame! :-)

    Hurray for house hunting and new, happy adventures! Love you!


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