As in, we have a meeting this Friday to make an official offer and I think I'm going to vomit. Is it normal to feel this nervous?

My family was in the military when I was a kid. We didn't own houses. I've never owned a house before. I've never really been committed to one place long enough to justify owning a house before. This is new. Is that what is making me nervous?


Any advice?


  1. Anonymous on October 24, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    Is it nervous or excited? What the heck...go ahead and vomit...the world won't stop. Eustress and Distress often impact the body systems similarly. You have been rollling through some major life shifts in a short time span. The obvious advice would be...pace yourself...but since that doesn't look like it's gonna happen...find little short pockets of time to settle and center yourself...to let yourself know..."I am safe. I am fine. Everything is working out."

    Go look at your stress charts...graduation, getting married (at the same time), moving, new job, new home. I think those top the list on the stress-0-meter. And being self labeled Type-A.

    Breathe Chica...draw a picture...isn't that what Lynn would tell you? :-) Now you really WILL barf.

  2. Andrea on October 25, 2012 at 8:09 PM

    New is definitely scary - and you have had a whole lot of new this year dear girl! Praying for peace in the process for you! xo


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