Into everything.  Only 5 months old, but she just crashes everywhere.  She also licks the walls for no apparent reason.  We're concerned.

Photo update of the dog who has become a family member:

She is terrible at helping me change the sheets on the bed.  So lazy.

The look she gives us from the couch while we're eating at the table.
She does not support my self care plan of once weekly yoga.
She does not move from the mat.
She steals dryer sheets.
And underwear.
And socks.
It is quite embarassing.
She's been known to jump in the shower with you.
And get a requisite shot of warm air after.
Because, you see, she stinks when she's wet.
She stares intently at boxes that come in the mail.
Because she's already figured out that with packages come packaging ...
We took away her ability to have puppies.
(Shoes almost didn't go through with dropping her off at the vet...)
So pitiful in her cone.
At the park near our (I dearly hope) soon to be house, she loves playing with Shoes with this ...thing. 
She knows how to sit, wait, lie down and shake hands.
She does not know how to not rip up paper like she's possessed.
She prefers Shoes.
That's ok with me ... that means Shoes gets to handle her when she gets a little insecure and needy.
She's naughty beyond all belief.
And then she lies down next to you on the couch and falls asleep on you.
I'd like to give her away.
But instead, we'll keep her.


  1. Andrea on November 14, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    Oh that darling dog - she looks like a whole lot of self care rolled in to one crazy, fun, cuter-than-anything bundle of fur ;)

  2. Lisa on November 17, 2012 at 7:59 AM

    Thanks, Andrea. We do adore her. This morning. At 8:00am. 3 hours ago she was for sale! ;)


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